TONIGHT: Not a Whole Lot, It Seems

I've been scouring these Internets of ours looking for a cool show to recommend tonight, and I can't find...anything. Well, anything other than the Free Moral Agents Monday night February residency at Detroit Bar that we wrote about it last week. That's a good show. But other than that?

Nothing at the House of Blues until LL Cool J on Thursday. Nothing at the Grove of Anaheim until Cradle of Filth, also on Thursday. Alex's Bar in Long Beach is straight-up closed until Wednesday. Nothing at the Prospector. Gypsy Lounge doesn't have a show tonight. eVocal? Nope. Even Chain Reaction, which seems to have shows almost every night, is concert-less. Sure, there's regular Monday night stuff like High Class Low Life at the Crosby in Santa Ana, but that's about it.

I always refute people who say there's nothing going on around here, but for at least tonight, with one very notable exception, they may indeed be correct. Oh well. There's a new "Big Bang Theory" on tonight, that's uh...very exciting. And there's always Tuesday!


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