TONIGHT: Mae at Chain Reaction in Anaheim

TONIGHT: Mae at Chain Reaction in Anaheim

Oh, Wednesdays. To paraphrase Kris Kristofferson, there's something 'bout a Wednesday that makes a concert-goer feel alone. There's never too much going on 'round the ol' county on a Wednesday, but tonight there is this show at Chain Reaction: Virginia's Mae, pictured, along with Barcelona, Person L and Set to Sea, who were just featured in our very own pages.

Mae (short for "Multi-sensory Aesthetic Experience," apparently; OK, sure) have been doing their pop-punk emo thing since 2001--they haven't had a studio album sine 2007, but they're currently touring behind, in part, their EP (m)orning, which just came out last month. Tickets are $14 at the door, and things start at 7:30 p.m.

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