TONIGHT: INAZUMA at Avalon Bar (Samuri Rock'n'Roll)

TONIGHT: INAZUMA at Avalon Bar (Samuri Rock'n'Roll)

I don't know how we've let the genre "Samuri rock'n'roll" slip through our fingers here at the Weekly, but after a couple minutes of skull-numbing head-bangage I experienced while listening to Little Tokyo rockers Inazuma on myspace, I can't help feeling a little guilty. After three years of bouncing on stage with their hazardous combo of punk rage and katana blades, I can't believe I haven't seen them before.Tonight, this leather-clad three-piece returns to the cramped sweat box of Avalon Bar to put some major thrust in your Thursday.

Wielding a bag of riffage that encompasses everything from Japanese bands like Guitar Wolf to more domestic products like The Cramps, the Inazuma sound maintains a traditional rebel sound while delivering a deft round-house kick to your face that you never saw coming.

They are joined tonight by Alejandro's Awesome Surf Band, an instrumental troupe inspired no doubt by the bomb-ass Mexican being served up across the street. You may also recognize them as members of The Sweet Sweet Things. Besides getting all this great music for FREE, you can also hang out and chug some PBR's to the vintage turntablism of DJ Old Boy.

Check out a vid of Inazuma, plucked from their myspace so you can see exactly what you're dealing with here:


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