TONIGHT: Iglu & Hartly at Detroit Bar

TONIGHT: Iglu & Hartly at Detroit Bar

Rarely do albums get savaged the way Echo Park's Iglu & Hartly's debut, & Then Boom, has. Take a look at what NME wrote, in their glowing 2/10 review:

"Until then, one thing is very clear: these bare-chested electro-funksters have birthed an abomination of a debut album, informed by all the most disgusting musical faux pas of the past 20 years."

What's more enticing than that? Well, Drowned in Sound called it the worst album of the year!

"The whole record sounds like an over extensive home demo packed full of bad ideas, poor musicianship and a vastly out of date concept. Why it was not thrown out of the nearest window is a mystery."

So yeah, I'm pretty psyched for this show. They've gotten good reviews, too (well, come): Popjustice ranked Iglu & Hartly's legitimately catchy "In This City" the No. 19 single of 2008. As an added bit of excitement, vocalist Jarvis Anderson was arrested last week at South by Southwest, for being naked and fighting with a security guard (while naked). How could you miss this show?


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