TONIGHT: Dr. Acula at Chain Reaction


I don't know all that much about Long Island hardcore band Dr. Acula, other than the fact that they're playing Chain Reaction tonight. But really, what do you need to know? Their name is "Dr. Acula," and they have songs with titles like "Beer Pong Massacre" and "Go Eat Worms." Whether or not their name comes from the Mitch Hedberg (RIP!) joke, or the recurring bit on Scrubs, I'm not sure (I hope it's the former--the latter is too reminiscent of one of the low periods in show history).

Also tonight: the fourth Stacy Clark/the New Limb residency night (one more to go!) at Detroit Bar, with Yellow Red Sparks opening. That band's Josh Hanson wants to make VERY CLEAR that YRS go on at 9:30 p.m. sharp. 9:30! No foolin'!


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