TONIGHT: Dirt Nasty at Slidebar

Sooner or later, we figured Slidebar would pitch in and do its part to cultivate the rap scene around here. All they had to do was supply a little dirt...Dirt Nasty that is. Brandishing an arsenal of rhymes that run the gamut from slanderous tales of celebrity exploits (that might get him sued) to nonsensical odes to his dick, this Hollywood rapper (who you may remember as former MTV VJ Simon Rex) is a true personification of his stage name. Sounds like your kinda of rapper? Thought so. As a long time friend and collaborator with Mickey Avalon, who's ventured to these parts quite a bit in the last couple years, it was probably only a matter of time before Dirt Nasty decided to come down and rile up an OC crowd.

Tonight Sir Nasty takes the the Slidebar stage in Fullerton along with notable compadres Andre Legacy and cherub-faced comedy perv Andy Milonakis (yeah, you remember him right?). The  And though the actual rap skills of any or all of these dudes is somewhat debatable one thing that isn't is their ability to get the party started wherever they go. I mean seriously, check out this video and see for yourself:


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