DaM Funk: Dope DJ. Keytar king
DaM Funk: Dope DJ. Keytar king

Tonight: DaM Funk DJ set and Solo Keytar Performance at Commonwealth Lounge

Tuesday is rarely a marquee night for local music. But tonight, those looking for a fix of the funk have a reason to freshen up, hit the record button on their DVRs and get the fuck out of the house. DaM Funk is coming to the Commonwealth Lounge. And he's bringing his Keytar. 

As most of you know, Heard Mentality is ecstatic whenever this permed Stones Throw artist displays his turntable wizardry inside his OC stomping grounds (a.k.a Downtown Fullerton). If you want a DJ with a proclivity for spinning intergalactic Parliament B-sides and gems from the Purple Rain-era, Funk's your man.

But what most local DF fans and club hoppers haven't seen are his solo keytar skills (and no, that wasn't a typo). In addition to an all-night DJ set, Funk will be showcasing his skills on the most '80s invention ever conceived. A corny instrument? Yes. But not in the hands of a master. Which is why after a few fiery shots of tequila, this has potential to be one of the best dance floor experiences you have all week--and on a Tuesday to boot! The show starts at 10 p.m. with warm-up DJ sets by J-Heart, Deejay Lito and Billy Goods.

Still not convinced? Check out the video below.


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