TONIGHT: Country Music in Orange County?

TONIGHT: Country Music in Orange County?

There's a fairly rich history of country music where I'm from. Jessi Colter is from Phoenix, as is the currently popular Dierks Bentley; Glen Campbell has lived there for a good long while now. Linda Ronstadt is from Tucson, not too far away. Of course, there's also the annual, massive Country Thunder four-day event in Florence, AZ, which is sort of like Stagecoach other than it existed years before Stagecoach was a twinkle in a country music fan's denims. I even wrote about it a small amount, like this cover story about a local country singer that was going on "Nashville Star," and then proceeded to be eliminated within like a half hour of the first show of the season.

Naturally, it's a bit jarring to me that there are so few country shows around here. Sometimes I forget that country music even exists; then I'll put on something like "There Ain't No Good Chain Gang" and feel better momentarily. I'll never go writing hot checks down in Mississippi, that's for sure.

The point of all this is that there is a country show going on tonight, over at the House of Blues in Anaheim: Keith Anderson, Luke Bryan (pictured), and the Lost Trailers. Now, I can't say I really specifically recommend this event, since I don't actually know anything about of those dudes. My taste in country music, with a few notable exceptions, kind of stops about a decade before I was born. But still. Refreshing to see! Er, potentially.

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