Tonight: Big Bad Wolf, Billy Kernkamp, We Are the Pilots at OC Tavern

Tonight: Big Bad Wolf, Billy Kernkamp, We Are the Pilots at OC Tavern

Hey mean-ole rest 'o the county! Stop sneering when I tell you I'm from Dana Point. South county is not a place where nothing happens! Case in point: Tonight there's a pretty solid rock show at San Clemente's OC Tavern.

We threw some love to OC's Modern Subject last July; since then, though, the band has changed membership as well as its name. Now performing as Big Bad Wolf, they've retained their hum-able, textured folk sound. At Dinner with Dave last month, they played a stripped-down but upbeat set. We could see them inspiring a hoedown--a sensitive hoedown--from stage at OC Tavern tonight.

The under card could do that too, though. Billy Kernkamp, a chatty and excellently mustached country crooner, walked away from the OC Music Awards this year with the title of best live acoustic act. It was both deserved and disconcerting, given that the last thing you think of when seeing his full band--whose membership sometimes swells to well past a half-dozen--is "acoustic."

Opener We Are The Pilots always put on a good, fairly epic, kinda spacey, indie rock set. Full disclosure on that one, though: We're well acquainted with the fact that the bassist gives good hugs. The only way you'll get one, though, is if you show up tonight.

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