TONIGHT: Afroman at OC Tavern

TONIGHT: Afroman at OC Tavern

Damn, if you ever had a reason to truck out to San Clemente, tonight is the night (unless of course you live in San that case, just stay put). Touring in preparation of his new album Frobama, to be released  this week on May 5, rapper Afroman (pictured) takes a trip to OC's deep south with a pocket full of stoner rhymes bagged fresh and ready to roll.Chances are you've heard of this brilliant MC at some point in your high school/college career. Look at him, how could you forget that face?

In 2001, this Palmdale-based rapper became the most unlikey Grammy Nominee ever with his song "Because I Got High". Since then he's released a string of albums and cultivated his own label, Hungry Hustler Records and relocated to Mississippi. After a brief stop at UCLA yesterday, he's headed to our neck of the woods and chances are, shit is gonna get crazy.

Pack a bowl for this packed show and enjoy the presence of the man who gave us classic poetry like: Roll, roll roll your joints, take out the seeds and stems/ Gettin' high as hell, rollin'' through Palmdate, skatin' on Dayton rims.

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