Moises Juarez of Tomorrows Bad Seeds
Moises Juarez of Tomorrows Bad Seeds
Taylor Hamby

Tomorrows Bad Seeds at the Coach House Last Night

Tomorrows Bad Seeds
Dec. 2, 2010
the Coach House

When Tomorrows Bad Seeds kicked off their Holidaze winter acoustic tour at the Coach House last night, it marked their first (almost) acoustic show. Singer Moises Juarez said normally, "there's a lot of energy at our shows, but tonight we're taking it back to basics."
Did that mean their "unplugged" approach left their sound lacking? Not at all--the near-absence of electric guitar and effects may be even more suited for their surf-rock-reggae fusion. (This band is a perfect fit for fans of Sublime, Pepper and Jack Johnson, especially this tour.)

The Hermosa Beach natives have a laid back, good vibes feel in their set. Juarez, a modern-day crooner, used his soft, flowing vocals over Sean Chapman's beautiful Spanish guitar styling to create Tomorrows Bad Seeds' sound: a perfect soundtrack to a day at the beach or a smoke sesh. (Though fans had no such luck at this show--good luck lighting up at the Coach House!)

Long Beach's Josh Fischel, with his acoustic guitar, booming voice and honest, emotional set, was a perfect balancing act for the show. His intensity was as commanding as his hearty salt and pepper beard. "How much can two people fight?" he lamented on his guitar in one song. He also pulled off an excellent cover of Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy"--he looked as if he were singing out his demons.

KAT, the first opener, played an acoustic set with a liberal dose of girl-power soaked songs. She had the attitude and music-as-a-weapon mentality of Ani DiFranco. Her voice was captivating. KAT's Janis Joplin tattoo on her upper arm was a fitting symbol of her own strong vocals and lyrics laced with love troubles. 

The crowd: A varied crowd. They got as excited as a crowd can get at the Coach House. 

Overheard in the crowd: "Pass it!" (Yelled after weed anthem Bad Seeds even though there was no weed smoking in the crowd.)

Love Street
Ill Repute
Only for You
Valerie (Zutons cover)
Bad Seeds
Early Prayers


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