Tomorrow: TSOL in Long Beach

HB/LB punk band TSOL plays tomorrow night in downtown Long Beach at the Rhythm Lounge. It's an unusual venue for the show as the upstairs hotspot is known more for Latin and dance music than dudes with liberty spikes.

For those who haven't been to the Rhythm Lounge, the club is waaaaaaaaaaaaay bigger than it looks from the outside. When you walk in, you see the bar and a tiny dance floor and wonder where in the hell a band is playing. Then you walk left in a pretty big sized room with a decent sound system. I used to tell people the RL was the second biggest room on Pine Avenue, but since the Vault's gone kaput, it's now the largest.

Oh, and TSOL always puts on a great show, so go check it out.

Other bands on the bill include the Strangers, Red Exiles and Love Canal, who based on their name must be diehard Flipper fans. 


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