TOMORROW: Tour de Artistes in Downtown Long Beach

TOMORROW: Tour de Artistes in Downtown Long Beach

Nine bands, two DJs, 31 artists and YOU. For over 10 years Long Beach has celebrated their Tour de Artistes event hoping to drag some well-deserved spotlight on the arts and music scene thriving in the various parts of the city. Harvested together in several locations downtown on Long Beach Blvd. and Broadway, the tour continues to evolve every year as new bands, more artists and a bigger budget come into play.

Taking place from 4-10 p.m., this FREE event is a full evening of walk-by exhibitions at the Promenade Phantom Gallery, 505 Broadway Gallery and others as well as live music by plenty of our favorite Long Beach bands (i.e. most of the one's we've written about) located on the main Music stage and the Beer Garden Stage. Specifically, it includes names like Blank Blue, Deep Sea Diver, Eugene and the 1914 and many more.

In a busy weekend packed with great shows, this one should definitely be on your list. Stay tuned for a full report and maybe even some pics (gasp!) as I hop on my ultra-hip fixie (actually, that was a lie, I'll be driving my car there) and set out for my first ever experience at this Long Beach culture fest. Should be epic.

For more details on everything going on with this event check out their website HERE!


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