TOMORROW: The Last Wednesday with Weird Beard at The Crosby

TOMORROW: The Last Wednesday with Weird Beard at The Crosby

In the life of  almost every great DJ residency, there is a time and place where the man/woman behind the turntables ultimately says "enough already!" and moves on. As the first DJ to ever spin at The Crosby, DJ Weird Beard could very well fall into that category. Flexing his record collection during his weekly Wednesdays with Weird Beard, the 26-year-old DJ showed himself to be one of the club's sharpest purveyors of dusty punk, funk and soul in an environment that constantly clamors for all things vintage.

But judging by the bulletin that talks of the Beard's last hump day set on the Crosby website, it looks like he's not packing up his turntables for good, just making time for other things. Like having a kid for instance. Look for the phrase "proud parent" to show up on his Myspace page as he prepares to start a new family with a little Weird Beard on the way. The only reason I bring this up is that although most bar hoppers and club goers are in constant search for weekly club nights to fill our time and bring us joy, how many times have you gone up to the DJ that had you bobbing your head or spazzing out on the dance floor to say "thank you"? Not many.

Well consider this post a little advance notice for you Crosby regulars to muster up some gratitude and shake the hand of one of Santa Ana's finest on his way out.

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