TOMORROW: The Adicts at House of Blues

As much as some people might hate me for saying this, I've always thought of The Adicts as the U2 of the punk world. One, they have always had an established look about them (though I doubt Bono would ever have the balls to rock the joker make-up like Keith "Monkey" Warren). Two, they're live performance is about as big and grandiose as a punk show can get. And three, they simply refuse to go away.

Boasting the longest running original line-up in the punk world, you'd be hard pressed to find a group of aging rabble-rousers more dedicated than this English four-piece (actually, they're a six-piece when you include newer members John "Scruff" Ellis and Dan Graziani). By the same token, it would be just as hard to find a more rabid fan base, proven by the band's packed live shows all over the world.

Tomorrow night, the band makes a trip to the Mouse of Blues, an unlikely surge point of activity as far as legendary punk acts go (i.e. Bad Brains, X, Seven Seconds, Jello Biafra, Social Distortion,etc.). Opening acts include The Billy Bones Band, The Henchmen and Disguster. If you're excited about this show at all, chances are you've already bought your tickets, but in case you haven't here's a little classic Adicts footage to activate your salivary glands.


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