TOMORROW: Sweet Relief Concert at eVocal w/ Living Suns and Many More

TOMORROW: Sweet Relief Concert at eVocal w/ Living Suns and Many More

Now here's a flier with some potential. If you want people to show up to a concert hosted by the Sweet Relief musician's fund, why not go the literal route? Between the cigarette and the finger banging, we've got ourselves quite a visual metaphor here (looks like sweet relief to me). Impressive. Almost as impressive as watching bands like The Living Suns and Audacity create some sweet chaos inside the walls of what may be the smallest music venue in Orange County (if you can call it that).

In the past, watching people coming out of a show drenched in sweat and nursing close proximity-induced injuries (elbow to the eye, smashed foot) has always been part of eVocal's  charm. But tomorrow is sure to take things up a notch. In an event to raise money for Sweet Relief's mission to aid homeless and hungry musicians across the country, newly established label La Chupacabra Records is hosting the gig to raise money for the cause. Bands on tomorrow's line up are pretty much all names you've heard before: The Living Suns, Audacity, My Pet Saddle, Gestapo Khazi and Sons at Sea.

But when you look at how many great bands are playing the thought of "how the fuck are they going to cage all this craziness inside eVocal?" definitely crosses your mind at some point. Yeah, I'm right there with ya. Hopefully that curiosity is just enough to make you drive down to Costa Mesa to check it out for yourself. After all, at least some of your $5 cover is going to musicians in need, which is a worthy cause all by itself. Not to mention the fact that this is probably the best local line up you're going to see all week. The naked chick on the flier advises that you get there early.

More details about Sweet Relief HERE. 


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