TOMORROW: Roman Alexander and the Robbery CD Release Party at Big's

TOMORROW: Roman Alexander and the Robbery CD Release Party at Big's

Chances are if you're a Roman Alexander fan you are quite aware of their relentless show schedule. And after about a year as an introspective, eclectic folk outfit, they ywill finall celebrate one of their biggest shows to date. I'm not necessarily talking about the venue per se, even though they ARE playing at a place called, uh, "Big's". No, I'm talking about the fact that the band is releasing their debut, self-titled album. You may or may not remember a reference to said album by yours truly in a write up I did on RA&TR back in April. Well, only four short months later, the album release party is finally here, which means you should be there.

Starting at 9 p.m., Big's Bar and Grill in Fullerton is hosting the show, which includes performances by local bands Fist Full of Leaves and Glass Puppets. Another thing every RA&TR fan should know: Big's loves these guys. At their old location in Fullerton, they pretty much played there every week for months. In an axis level of freewheeling internet album slanging, the band his decided to let people who show up to the party to "pick their price" when they buy the new album (only on the day of the show). So yeah, show up for free watch a few good bands, one of which that is willing to give you the fruits of their blood, sweat and labor for dirt cheap (if you choose).

For more details on the release party, or to just get a preview of the music you will be dancing to tomorrow, check out the band HERE!

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