Tomorrow: On Blast at the Continental Room

I hate saying anyone is my favorite and/or the best local band because inevitably I will leave someone out, which makes me seem like a jerk. I do enough of that already, so I'll just say that Long Beach's On Blast are near the top of that list.

The quartet plays tomorrow night at the Continental Room in Fullerton. I've had a copy of their as-yet unreleased record for a few months now and I think it's great. Even better is seeing them live because they've got some mighty fine-looking fans and that can never hurt.

On Blast plays atmospheric tunes that combine the best parts of Depeche Mode, Stax-esque funk and hip-hop beats. On paper, that shouldn't make sense, but somehow it works for them.

For live shows, On Blast uses a drum machine while three of the members switch instruments like they're playing musical chairs. I've seen lots of other bands do this and it doesn't take long before you can tell which player is better than the other on a particular instrument, but On Blast doesn't miss a beat when they shake things up. And singer Josh Brown just smoothly interjects himself into the songs like a snake crawling through a field right before it pounces on its prey. Pretty cool if ya ask me.

Click here if you want to know more about On Blast. It's a pretty killer read if I do say so myself.


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