TOMORROW: Ninja Academy at DiPiazza's

In my ongoing quest to let readers know about things at least 24 hours in advance, one of my favorite local bands is playing at DiPiazza's in Long Beach tomorrow night. They're called Ninja Academy and they fucking rule.

Imagine if you will...two guys dressed as ninjas playing ferocious instrumental tunes with influences that range from the Minutemen to Coltrane to Slayer. Seriously.

Now before you say, "Ryan, I'm not into costumed bands," remember: Ninja Academy are ninjas. They're stealth. On the down low. Sneaky. Here and then gone. Without the masks, they'd be nothing but two guys playing music. Everyone loves Superman, but who the hell cares about Clark Kent?

I've seen Ninja Academy about a dozen times at parties and legit venues. Whether or not there's a full stage or a dude wearing a lampshade, they always rock the fuck outta me to the point where I want to join them in wherever they're taking me.

I'd wish them luck on their upcoming national tour, but they don't need that. They're ninjas ferchrissakes.


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