Tomorrow: Michele Rene and Bobby Bancalari

Long Beach duo Michele Rene and Bobby Bancalari are performing at Viento y Agua tomorrow. The pair might not be a household name, but believe you me, these two can flat-out play.

The twosome first graced the stage in a group called Marmalade Skies. Some of their tunes were used on the television programs "Felicity" and "Bailey's Mistake." Since that band broke up, they continued to play a blend of folk, pop and jazz that has one foot in tradition while sounding fresh and current.

Rene and Bancalari were Long Beach staples for a while, but haven't performed together as often recently as they used to. So consider this a reunion show of sorts.

Although Bancalari is scheduled to play guitar, he's the baddest mandolin player you've ever heard. Trust me. Let's hope he pulls that out for a song or two.

And while you're there, pick up one of them banana oat smoothies. Those are, as the kids say, "dope."

The show also includes Tiana Star and Susan Brown. 7 p.m. Free. All ages.


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