TOMORROW: Local Natives and We Barbarians at Detroit Bar

TOMORROW: Local Natives and We Barbarians at Detroit Bar

Counting down to the end of our first full week in September, concert goers everywhere have to be feeling a little sullen over the passing of festival season. School is starting, summer fun is over, etc. Fortunately, Detroit Bar's last show of the week should extend a little sunshine to fans of Local Natives, OC's favorite hipster harmonizers from Silverlake by-way-of Mission Viejo. Though the band is usually busy playing anywhere but here these days, this five-piece tribe is always bound to make time for a home town show.

Tomorrow, they're rolling through Costa Mesa with touring companions We Barbarians and Fullerton faves My Pet Saddle to bring you a Thursday night full of songs that never seem to get old (i.e. their cover of the Talking Head's classic "Warning Sign" and of course "Airplanes" of KROQ Local's Only fame). It's also worth mentioning that LN is finally on the cusp of releasing their full length debut, Gorilla Manor. So when you see them at Detroit tomorrow, make sure to bug them about it. Seriously, how long must you keep us waiting? But nagging aside, this is probably the last opportunity all of you "true" fans will get to watch the band live before buzzing on down the coast for a brief Nor Cal/Oregon run and then of course it's back to Europe and the UK. Sigh. Tickets for tomorrow are $8. Doors open at 8 p.m.

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