Tomorrow: Gogol Bordello at Fox Pomona

Tomorrow: Gogol Bordello at Fox Pomona

For inhabitants of downtown Pomona, the past few months have seen the resurrection of the city's most glamorous landmark, Fox Pomona, as construction crews slowly clear away and the glowing marquee fills up w/ events. Tomorrow night is definitely it's biggest one to date as the rattling fervor of gypsy punk kicks open the doors of the Fox's first Golden Voice concert.

As far as I know, tickets for tomorrow's Gogol Bordello show are still available and honestly, you probably couldn't pick a better place to see them. Within the walls of this refurbished 1930's theater, the cabaret style freak fest of this New York nine-piece will definitely be at home amongst the hand-painted wall murals, giant chandeliers and grand concert stage.

Oh, yeah, and the fact that there is literally a shit-ton (however you measure that) of bars in this place should reassure you that you're not going anywhere in the building without a drink in your hand and a song in your heart. I'll definitely be there so look out for a full report on Friday. If you want to check out the show for yourself, get details HERE!

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