TOMORROW: Free In-Store performance by Aggrolites

TOMORROW: Free In-Store performance by Aggrolites

If nothing else, these next few sentences should inspire you to go give an indie record store clerk a big hug. Although, maybe you should make that exclusive to Fingerprints in Long Beach. Feel free to reference this post when you do.

Yet again, the Long Beach record store is hosting one of their beloved in-store performances with ever more surprising guests. Tomorrow afternoon, The Aggrolites are coming through for their second appearance at the store, treating fans to a rockin' acoustic set.

It's been a pretty cool couple of months for the L.A. poster boys of "Dirty Reggae", after performing at Coachella for the first time this past April, they are now playing the waiting game for their anticipated new album IV (that's "four" for all you Roman numeral illiterates) and the US/European/Japan tour to follow.

But you can see 'em first AND buy their record before it comes out if you decide to show up. According to their website, the store managed to get a waiver that allows them to sell the record after the band's set for one day only....until it comes out officially of course.

If you hurry, there still might be a spot in the crowd for you if you contact the venue and make sure the show isn't already full. GO!


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