Tomorrow: Fauxchella

It's not often that Pearl Jam, the Rolling Stones, No Doubt, U2, the Cure, the Dave Matthews Band and Bruce Springsteen perform a free concert in Long Beach. In fact, it's never happened. Unfortunately, you can add tomorrow as just another one of those days when that dream bill won't come to fruition.

But what do you do when you can't see the real deal? Tribute bands. Yes, that's right, a bunch of groups with names that have something to do with the artists they cover are playing a free show in Long Beach as part of the Summer and Music concert series. Scheduled to begin at 1 p.m. (sharp people!), the lineup includes Vitalogy, Satisfaction (come on fellas, you couldn't have found a less obvious name than that?), No Duh (winner of the best cover band name), Stepping Feet, the Rising, the Cured (runner-up for best cover band name) and Hollywood U2.

The bands that sound and look like other way more popular bands are playing near the intersection of Pine Avenue and Shoreline Drive, which is a pretty neat spot to waste a summer Saturday.


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