Tomorrow: Eclectic Music Company #25 at OCCCA

Tomorrow: Eclectic Music Company #25 at OCCCA

We've hinted at it before, but those of you who exercise their sacred right to forage for titillatingly subversive sounds (yes, I said titillating god damn it), then you have a responsibility to mosey on over to the next Eclectic Music Company gig. And what a coincidence, there's one happening this Saturday night!

The showcase kicks off at 8p.m. inside the hall of the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art...same bat time, same bat channel. Offering up a swarthy mix of eastern-influenced psychedelia, electrified instrumentals and the thick, earthy must of the underground, bands like Long Beach's Hop Frog Kollectiv and Fullerton's Between Ravens and Crows unleash a psycho-spiritual salad of chimes, heavy drums, synths and a basement full of other sounds that take many hands and plenty of creative juice.

You can also look out for slow crescendo enthusiasts like When I.O.D. of South Gate, L.A. bands Per Capita and Dead Air and the demented electronic blips of Santa Ana's Jesus is Dead. EMC calls upon you, travelers of the experimental aural fringe, to come out and play.

For more info, check out eMC's webiste here.


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