TOMORROW: Earth Crisis at Chain Reaction

Syracuse-based vegan straight edge band Earth Crisis is playing tomorrow night at Chain Reaction. The group was one of the biggest and most controversial hardcore acts of the 90s thanks to the EPs All Out War and Firestorm. The band followed those with the records Destroy the Machines and the follow-up, Gomorrah's Season Ends.

Although I was straight edge until my 21st birthday (I sold out as quick as I could), I never really got into the whole metalcore thing. I dug Minor Threat, Gorilla Biscuits and Youth of Today, but the 90s stuff always sounded like tough guy shit to me. Then again, Earth Crisis shows were always packed to the rafters with kids doing those crazy dances, so what did I know?

So I wasn't a big fan. But I gotta give Earth Crisis credit for a few things. No. 1: That "Firestorm" song gets crowds moving. And No. 2: As a vegan, I can get behind any group that spreads the word of animal rights.

But no matter what, I'm not getting on stage and doing the fingerpoint. No way. No how.

EC broke up in 2001, but reunited for a few shows in 2007. Now they are back full time with a record called To the Death. I'm sure it'll be huge with the kids.

Tomorrow's bill also includes Force of Change (last show ever...until they reunite), Reign Supreme, Blood Stands Still and Unholy. Doors at 7. $15.


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