TOMORROW: Designer Drugs at Sutra

TOMORROW: Designer Drugs at Sutra

Club kids and E-tards rejoice! Tomorrow night the New York DJ duo Designer Drugs (wow, so many D-words!) is heading down to Sutra in Costa Mesa for another beat heavy installment of XOBESO, the club's weekly live music night with artists from around the country, world, etc. Formed in 2007, the sound of these former high school buddies(DJs Michael Vincent and Theo Nelson) have built a devout following in the realms of house and electro, which includes plenty packed residencies and gigs, from their hometown of Philadelphia to dance floors all over the world.

But obviously these guys still know how to remain humble, judging by the awkward, shy-guy interview posted below by IHEART COMIX radio/TV host Frankie Chan with Patrick, one half of the group. So many great questions, from "where did you get your pants?" to drilling questions like "what are the origins of disco music?" Riveting stuff. And to top it off, they end with a high five. Man, if only all MY interviews could go this well. So don't forget TOMORROW...DESIGNER DRUGS...SUTRA. Got it? Glow sticks optional.

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