Tomorrow: Cole Porter's Musical Comedy "Anything Goes"

Summer seems to be the time to go to a park. Previously, we posted about classical concerts in the park. Tomorrow night, Aug. 8, is "Broadway in the Park," an annual musical production put on by the Tustin Area Council for Fine Arts. This year's family friendly selection is Cole Porter's Anything Goes, a 1930's musical comedy featuring songs such as "I Get A Kick Out of You" and "You're the Top."

The show will be playing at Peppertree Park on an outdoor stage, complete with a sound system, lighting, and 35 actors. Guests are allowed to bring picnic food and blankets, they don't need to bring chairs.

The planning for the summer show has been going on since October and this year, it was more expensive what with the bad economy and the sad state of the arts in general. Luckily, prices are still the same--$15 at the door at $10 pre-sale.

Anything Goes runs until Aug 22. Visit Broadway in the Park for more information.


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