TOMORROW: Cinco De Mayo party with DOC Martin at FOCUS

The drunken holiday calendar is usually unkind to Tuesday. You don't ordinarily see too much to get major holiday excitement on the second day of the week. And for some, the celebration of Cinco De Mayo doesn't warrant a big to-do (especially since that's not even the real day Mexico's declared independence from Spain, it's actually Sep. 15).

But historical fact and minor details aside, there is plenty celebrate tomorrow as this cultural celebration hits the dance floor of Newport Beach, of all places. In a happy twist of fate, Focus Tuesdays at Tapas Restaurant is delivering it's weekly dose of deep house and sweaty club life with a Mexican twist. Sublevel House DJ Doc Martin is bringing his legendary mix of rare tracks and hard beats to the club along with the resident focus DJs Wobs, Nonfiction, and Josh Billings.

To make things even better, the club is slanging $1 Tacos all night and drink specials before 10:30 p.m. This is definitely one of the better spots to celebrate this faux holiday with style. In any case, it's a lot safer than celebrating it in Mexico right now. It's a $5 cover before 10:30 and $15 after, so ANDELE!!!


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