Tomorrow: Blank Blue and Zech's Marquis at The Prospector

Tomorrow: Blank Blue and Zech's Marquis at The Prospector

Finding a place that serves mind-bending psychedelics and stiff drinks in the same  building on a Tuesday night is undoubtedly a fortunate find. That is of course unless your a regular at The Prospector. In that case, you know that anything's possible at the monthly event Wildest Dreams Come True where the free-frolicking sonic adventurists come to get their "dive bar"on. Tomorrow night's show show starts at 10 p.m.

This week offers another interesting chapter in the gathering as one of Long Beach's favorite dreamy collectives, Blank Blue (pictured above enjoying delicious and nutritious smooties), gathers to play to a heavily congested room of atmospheric jam band enthusiasts...oh, and hipsters. The band has been on a real tear lately, sharing the stage with their cohorts in Free Moral Agents on a string of shows from Long Beach to Sacramento. Tomorrow they're joined by another one of their touring buddies, Zech's Marquise of El Paso, Texas. You may remember their stellar performance at The Yost Theater back in November for The Sound Downtown Music Festival. Or, if you're a Mars Volta-phile like myself, you know that two of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez' bothers (Marcel and Marfred) play in the band. Between the spastic salsa influences and seering guitar lines backed by forced time signatures, the lineage definitely shows.

Either way, those of you who like music that inspires your taste for "the greenery" are definitely in luck. Roll your joints and prepare for a night of cramped, sweaty, stoner rock at it's finest.

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