Still makes a strong impression
Still makes a strong impression

Tommy Davidson talks Obama, 'In Living Color' and Spanglish

Tommy Davidson, he's a funny dude. (He told me to say that.) Tommy has been entertaining the masses for more than 25 years and has had parts in hit TV shows and movies like In Living Color, Proud Family, Woo, Juwanna Man, and most recently Black Dynamite (which has been picked up by Adult Swim). All the while, Tommy has been making crowds cry tears of laughter with his hysterical stand-up that includes many of his incredible impersonations. Starting tonight, and through June 12, this funny man is will be at the Brea Improv.

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman):
I hear you're into cooking, what made you go into comedy instead of making a career as a chef?

Tommy Davidson: Well, I was actually doing that as a career when comedy is came along and took the whole thing!

Smart move. You've done tons of shows, which was your favorite?

Without a doubt, In Living Color!

Any shenanigans go down on that set?

Well, Shawn Wayans used to deliver mail to my house because he started as a lowly intern for the show. Then he worked his way up to be on the show.

But he did get the last laugh because he got to stare at J. Lo's ass when he was on the show?

Yes. Of course. But really, who couldn't see all that ass?

Where you guys ever contacted by anyone you imitated telling you to stop it?

No one ever told us to stop, but Arsenio Hall didn't like it much. We thought it was so funny because his job was to make fun of people too.

Do you speak fluent Spanish, or do you just know the Spanish you use in your stand-up?

Yeah, I just know the Spanglish. That's the good thing about it. It's Spanish, but it really isn't.

You impersonate a lot of musicians, what do you think of the music these days?

Oh they got me beat. That's one thing I can't do. I'm like a soul man now.

So, you're saying you can't do an Auto-Tune accent?

[Laughs.] Yeah I can, but not as good as they do. You never know though.

What are you working for your next impression?

It's always a work in progress.  Right now I'm working on my Jamaican accent and I keep trying and trying. Right now, it sucks.

 If you pitched your voice a little higher you could turn it into Rihanna.

[Laughs.] Yeah! Oh Chris. Please don't hit me! Pow!

And then you could drop it low. See, I'm here to help.

Yes! I can see that! [Laughs.]

You are constantly traveling. Where is your favorite place to perform?

I'd have to say Miami. It's a lot of fun. They like my Spanglish.

And you've been doing some entertaining for the troops?

Oh yeah. A whole lot! I've been going all over the world for about fifteen years to see the troops.

Any scary moments?

Um, yeah. Well, I left Egypt the day before the revolution. Then I left Japan the day before the earthquake. And then, I got to Kansas the day before the tornado.

Holy shit! What's your deal?

I don't know, but the day after I leave here, you might want to think about going somewhere else!

Thanks for the heads up. It's so cool that Adult Swim picked up a cartoon of the movie Black Dynamite. Will you be voicing Cream Corn?

Yep! We're real happy about that. We just finished the first episode and now we're working on the second one. It's coming out this September.

What kind of show can people anticipate seeing at the Brea Improv this weekend?

Oh what they always expect from me. To expect the unexpected. I can do anyone from President Obama to Sylvester Stallone. Maybe even some Arnold Schwarzenegger. Boy-oh-boy. What was he thinking?

Right? And did you see the maid? She's a little rough around the edges.

Oh man!! Right? He was cleaning the carpet in house!

What's next for you? Any chance for an In Living Color reunion?

I'm working on my Comedy Central special right now; that'll be out around September. You know, I'm trying to make it happen! As for In Living Color, I would love that but I'm not in control of it. I wanted to make that happen like, yesterday.

You can follow Tommy Davidson on Twitter @TommyCat and see some great videos and get updates on his website. Also, get your tickets now to see Tommy at the Brea Improv today (June 9) through Sunday (June 12). For tickets, call 714-482-0700 or log onto: The Improv is located at 120 S. Brea Blvd. Brea, CA 92821 (21+)


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