TODAY: New Modest Mouse EP and video for "King Rat"

By now, it's hard to imagine that most avid Modest Mouse fans haven't peeped the band's new video for the song "King Rat", directed by the late Heath Ledger. It was unveiled by the band this morning along with the release of their new EP No One's First and You're Next. Yesterday, the band posted this video regarding the compelling, semi-gruesome animated video directed by Ledger and later finished by The Masses, an audio visual team that Ledger was involved with at the time of his death. To check out all the necessary background on the video click HERE. If you ask me, the video's subtext regarding Ledger's stance against illegal commercial whale hunting is a lot like much of the the acting he did while he was a live: bold, provocative, hard to watch at times, but even harder to look away from.

After you've watched this happy scrap of video, don't forget to mark you're calendars for Aug. 29 when Modest Mouse officially sails into town for their show at The Grove of Anaheim. They'll be headlining the bill alongside opening act The Night Marchers.


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