Tiger Army - City National Grove of Anaheim - October 26, 2013

Tiger Army - City National Grove of Anaheim - October 26, 2013

Tiger Army City National Grove of Anaheim 10/26/13 Tiger Army assured us that their OC Halloween tradition still had plenty of bite this weekend, performing for a sold out crowd at the Grove of Anaheim two nights in a row for their 6th annual Octoberflame concert. Though we admit they caught us a little off guard by starting their set just before 9 p.m.--well before the witching hour. But our lateness sort of paid off when we walked into the venue during the opening chords of "True Romance," which was a splendid song to walk into. And despite Nick 13's vocals being just a little heavy-handed on the reverb, the band put on an amazing set.

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Dressed up with their nice suits and spider web make up, some songs seemed to be played with a bit more of a smile--a few of them were even on the list we put out last week. Older gems like "Rose in the Devil's Garden" retained their luster, to the delight of the crowd.

Of course where would the performance be if it were not for the fact that they band just fits together so well? Nick 13, bassist Geoff Kresge and drummer James Meza fed off of each other's energy throughout the entire set. Everything from how they interact with one another on stage to how they play their instruments reminded us why this psychobilly Halloween tradition is always a treat.

The Crowd: Rockabilly people dressed up with Day of the Dead make up. I must say men if you want to find a good place to meet cute girls a Tiger Army show is the best place to go everyone is on their best dressed mission.

From the Crowd: It was pretty impossible to hear anything because the music was so loud outside.

Personal Bias: Do you think I could convince Tiger Army to play a Violent Femmes song? I'll never see them play with a stand up bass.

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