Three Extremely Chain-Reaction-Appropriate Shows Coming To Chain Reaction

The Used is one of those bands created seemingly to embody everything Chain Reaction, so regular Chain Reaction-goers might be psyched to know the Utah screamo quartet will be playing there Aug. 31 -- and you don't even have to buy a ticket. You just gotsta pre-order their new album, Artwork, here, which you, a Used fan, probably were gonna do anyway.

Speaking of the new album, a set of circumstances (well, really one circumstance) gave me a sneak preview. Didn't sound as awesome to me as it would have sounded to me circa 2002... but if you really like yelling and hooks and lyrics about bleeding, you'll really like Artwork.

And since I just spent an hour or so entering all of Chain Reaction's show listings into our database, here are two more extremely Chain Reaction-y shows coming up: The Ataris on Sept. 25, and Finch on Oct. 10. Pogo stick on!


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