This Week in Stripping Down

The soul machine known as the Gossip -- with all its moving punk rock cogs and blues-fired pistons -- has danced its way out of Searcy, Arkansas, and straight into the hearts of unsuspecting bodies. What seems to keep the band pulsing, more than just its music-from-the-basement creation, is an ability to scoop up legions of new fans with every live, sweaty, strip-down-to-your-underwear performance (which is most likely instigated by little Ms. Lungs of Fire, Beth Ditto). Touring in support of their upcoming Kill Rock Stars release, Standing In the Way of Control, the Gossip are taking the word to the people once more. With the addition of powerhouse drummer Hannah Blilie, plus the constant perfection of guitarist Brace Paine -- punching in solid riffs and slithering along seamlessly on both four and six strings -- the Gossip are now completely locked in to their life's work, which, according to the band, is about art, change, the underground, dancing, fashion and movement. Pick up what these kids are putting down!

The Gossip play with We Are Wolves, Hello Fever and 60 Watt Kid at Koo's, 530 E. Broadway, Long Beach, (562) 491-7584;WWW.KOOS.ORG. Fri., 8 p.m. $10. All ages.

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