John Mayer at Verizon in 2008.
John Mayer at Verizon in 2008.
Chad Sengstock / OC Weekly

School is back in session, and that means that most local college papers have started putting out music stories again. They're in the mix below, along with  news of an OC act's breakup.

This Week in OC Music News, Featuring Dusty Rhodes, Dave Matthews and Young the Giant

  • In a piece about Dusty Apodaca's run for Anaheim City Council, the former Dusty Rhodes & River Band front man says that there was a period when his act was making enough money to live on. The second album, though, didn't sell as well as hoped. [OC Register]

  • Fullerton's Regrets & Brunettes have broken up. [Buzz Bands LA]

  • The filming equipment set up in the seats of Dave Matthews Band's show in Irvine "puzzled quite a few drunk, stoned and uninitiated people." [OCR]

  • At the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, John Mayer yammered too much, phoned in his solos and, gasp, didn't play "Your Body Is a Wonderland." [OCR]

  • There's a new album out form Long Beach's the Fling, who, Nate Jacksons writes, is "one of few acts we can think of that care enough about the sounds they borrow to actually get them right." [Everyday Noise]

  • Think of Saturday's Long Beach Buskerfest this way: "It's kind of a musical tapas if you wanted to get a really good taste of the Long Beach musical scene." [Gazettes]

  • Andrew W.K. gives partying and life advice in a Q&A with CalState Long Beach's student paper. [The Daily 49er]

  • Gumshoe reporting reveals that members of Young the Giant's audience think the band is "'fun,' 'talented' and 'hot.'" [Daily Titan]

  • I Hate You Just Kidding's formation story--the duo met while working at Calvin Klein--gets cuter every time we read it. [Daily Pilot]
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