Thee Rain Cats to Headline Plugged Into Local at Continental Room, Feb. 25
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Thee Rain Cats to Headline Plugged Into Local at Continental Room, Feb. 25

It doesn't take a Beatles scholar to know that sometimes pop music can be the weirdest shit your ears will ever consume. Within the confines of verse-chorus-verse-chorus lies a spider web of tangled meanings, subtley subversive guitar chords and a kaleidoscopic jungle of atmospheric sounds that launch even the most mundane music formulas into their  own stratosphere. This month, Plugged Into Local (PIL) is celebrating a slice of homegrown psych pop courtesy of Thee Rain Cats, who play the next installment of our humble showcase at the Continental Room in Fullerton on Monday, Feb. 25. Melding indie pop with retro electro zaps and British Invasion influence, there's obviously a dab of dance music that forces you to move your hips no matter how strange things get.

If you're a regular to Downtown Fullerton, you might recognize the background of the photo they've taken. Why, those appear to be the velvety curtains of Continental. Fancy that. Turns out the four-piece band, starring members of My Pet Saddle, have been rocking this watering hole for the past month as the Monday-night residency. This month, PIL is taking over the night, which also features performances from OC indie buzz band Feeding People and Cheryll (a side project of TRC bassist Miguel Gomez). As always, the show is free and starts at 9 p.m. Click after the jump to see the kind of acts PIL has in store for you this month.

Thee Rain Cats

Feeding People

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