The Worst of FYF 2013

Kelsee Becker
For the most part, we had a pretty great time at FYF Fest this year! Still, some of the bands kind of sucked it up -- and there were some logistical and fashion-oriented problems as well. So let's complain!

Kelsee Becker
Security It's nice to feel safe and protected at a festival, but security at FYF was intense. Guards on staff asked to check our ID twice while we were lounging on the lawn in the designated drinking area. Even after we showed them the wristbands that said we were of age! Security was also incredibly strict about keeping beverages in or out of certain areas. We understand them monitoring the alcohol, but the fact that we were forced to either empty or chug water bottles we purchased on site was ridiculous. (Max Bell)

Kelsee Becker
Ty Segall
Ty Segall Turns It Down I really want to like Ty Segall. I've since gotten over our weird interview, and wanted him to jar my fillings loose with an onslaught of fuzzed-out riffage. The afternoon sun was getting behind the stages and it was time to party... and dude brought an unplugged set. Acoustic guitars playing power chords. It came off as flat and un-dynamic. A premature move by the budding garage-rock prodigy; perhaps in a few more years he can pull out a Cobain set and rock it all his own. But not this year. Ty, you're confusing the kids. Turn it up. (Adam Lovinus)

My Bloody Valentine Turns It Up One the other side of the coin...From the FYF Twitter account Sunday evening: "Friendly reminder for your friendly ears. At 10:45 My Bloody Valentine will be LOUD." They weren't joking. Kevin Shields and company played what had to have been one of the loudest sets in music festival history, blowing out their sound equipment at least twice. Some plugged their ears, some just suffered. While there were surely types who felt this was a festival highlight, we felt bad for the people close to the stage, who have tinnitus to look forward to. (Adam Lovinus)

Daniel Kohn
Dude Wearing a Bathrobe

What is this, The Big Lebowski? (Daniel Kohn)

Kelsee Becker
The Dust and the Heat

While it didn't reach Coachella-like proportions, the dust nonetheless made it hard for many to breathe, and it you had a bandana to cover your face you were lucky. Another problem was the near-unbearable heat during the day; there were only a couple of areas to cool down, so the festival should step up with a cool down station or two next time. (Daniel Kohn)

Simian Mobile Disco and Bicep

Simian Mobile Disco and Bicep performed under the same tent, each taking their turns twisting knobs and pushing buttons. Their respective brands of techno and house were equally generic. The pounding bass and choppy synths weren't remotely interesting or affecting, and there wasn't anything sonically that set either group apart from the another. The four DJs often seemed unmoved themselves, and the people on stage looked like they were being forced to dance against their will. Within 20 minutes, hundreds of attendees had left the tent, and large pockets of the dance floor were virtually empty. You had to hand it the lone man spastic-ly shuffling in the corner, however, who showed no signs of letting up as we took off to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. (Max Bell)

Kelsee Becker
Beach House
Beach House Expectations were high Saturday night for Baltimore-based duo Beach House. But their set was one of the dullest of the weekend. Multiple attendees were seen snoozing or laying in the dusty field staring at the sky. Beach House's ambient dream pop may be nice background music at a dinner party, but it didn't go over too well here. (Daniel Kohn)

No Kids in the VIP My 3-year old son is at the age where he can accompany his dad to music festivals. He has a blast tear-assing around the grounds with his concert earmuffs, and watching the lights shows when the sun sets. That's how my family gets down. Anyway, so I roll up to the VIP area and the security guard tells me I can come in, but the kid in the stroller can't. The guard's supervisor says it's because he's underage -- if someone serves him a beer, well, this party gets shut down. Simple as that, no exceptions. Seriously? That's in the fine print? We have to watch this show with the plebes because someone might slip my toddler a beer? Rules is rules. (Adam Lovinus)

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