The Ultimate Comic-Con Playlist: 25 Songs For Geek Ears Only
Batman image: DC/Mike Allred

The Ultimate Comic-Con Playlist: 25 Songs For Geek Ears Only

​Lost in the pomp, glamour and sweet smells that swirl around the attendees of San Diego Comic-Con are the mind-numbing blocks of boredom as you wait in line for panels, autographs, food, bathrooms and opportunities to sexually harass booth babes

One of the best ways to pass the time--besides burning the designs of the seven Lantern corps of the DC Universe into your forearm with a Spyder III Pro Arctic Laser--is to jam your headphones in and Batusi to a sweet custom mix of your favorite tunes. 

And if you're like me (and I know I am), then you enjoy creating playlists with a theme. With that in mind, I provide you with the Ultimate 2010 Comic-Con Geek Playlist.

"Moving Right Along," Fozzie Bear and Kermit the Frog

Why it's on the playlist You can't encapsulate the Comic-Con experience any better than a scrawny smart guy heading out to California in a jalopy with his gay big bear of a best friend. It's the Ballad of Easy Rider of our generation.


"White and Nerdy," "Weird Al" Yankovic

Why it's on the playlist Yeah, yeah, it's a pretty obvious choice, but that doesn't make it any less appropriate. 

"In the Garage," Weezer

Why it's on the playlist As a kid, my Kitty Pryde crush was quite chaste. She embodied that ideal girlfriend, not some sex object. Sometimes, I'd imagine I was a mutant with super-energy powers. Sometimes, I was an understanding human who didn't discriminate against mutants. Everyone had adolescent fantasies like this, right? Right?

"Rest in Peace," James Marsters

Why it's on the playlist It was a toss up between a track from "Once More With Feeling," the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical episode, or Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog. Buffy wins out because the songs stand on their own better. Plus, you can practice for the interactive screening of the musical episode.

"The Touch," Stan Bush

Why it's on the playlist Another tried and true standby. The animated Transformers movie was a pivotal moment for many geeks. The violence! The deaths! The swearing! It's also acceptable if you rock out to Mark Wahlberg singing it in Boogie Nights.

"Lazy Sunday," The Lonely Island

Why it's on the playlist "Now quiet in the theater or it's gonna get tragic/We're about to get taken to a dream world of magic."

"Medical Love Song," Monty Python

Why it's on the playlist This song doubles as a recommended dose of Monty Python and as a public service message of what can happen if you hook up with the muffin-top sporting Poison Ivy cosplayer.

"The Raiders March," John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra

Why it's on the playlist Comic-Con security is advising attendees not to begin playing this theme and try to baseball slide into Hall H before the doors close on the TRON: Legacy panel. Also, they will be confiscating any non-sex trade whips. Buncha buzzkills. 

"Ghost World," Aimee Mann

Why it's on the playlist This one's for the alt-geeks attending. Daniel Clowes' masterful comic of the same name was the inspiration for this track. Now you'll have one more thing to bond with the cute girl in the horn rims attending the Gabrielle Bell Q&A.

"Four Color Love Story," The Metasciences

Why it's on the playlist You'd be hard-pressed to find a sweeter love song about a superhero and his girlfriend. Hell, you'd be hard-pressed to find a sweeter love song about anything. This is what you'll be listening to on the ride home, thinking about that She-Hulk fangirl from Olympia, Wash., you met. Or thinking about Blair Butler. Who you stalked. Unsuccessfully.

"Kingdom Come," Jay-Z

Why it's on the playlist H.O.V.A. thought his own return from retirement was just like Superman's in the Mark Waid-Alex Ross miniseries of the same name. See? US Weekly is right: Celebs are just like us--or in this case, Comic-Con geeks. They have delusions of grandeur that makes them think their lives parallel those of comic book characters, too.

"Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Pt. 1," The Flaming Lips

Why it's on the playlist A song about a woman training to fight giant invading robots? Of course, this makes the playlist. Hell, the bulk of the Flaming Lips' discography should be on your playlist.

"Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)," Concrete Blonde

Why it's on the playlist Unlike last year, there will be no Twilight presence at the Con. That means horny old school Anne Rice vamp lovers can mingle peacefully with horny nu skool True Blood vamp lovers. 

"Sax Rohmer #1," The Mountain Goats

Why it's on the playlist Heretic Pride, which is the album this song is on, has a wealth of geek-tinged songs ("How to Embrace a Swamp Creature," "Michael Myers Resplendent," "Lovecraft in Brooklyn"), making it hard to pick one. But this track captures the pulpy feel of Rohmer's books that I couldn't resist.

"Princes of the Universe," Queen

Why it's on the playlist What? You thought I'd go with "Flash's Theme"? I might've been obvious with "Weird Al" and "The Touch," but that doesn't mean I can't hit you guys with some deep cuts. Plus, Highlander is infinitely better than Flash Gordon.

"I Am the Law," Anthrax

Why it's on the playlist Here's how misguided and horrible the Judge Dredd movie is: Instead of using this classic about Mega-City One's chief law officer on the soundtrack, the producers commissioned the Cure to  do a track called "The Dredd Song." 

"Stop Talking About Comics or I'll Kill You," Ookla the Mok

Why it's on the playlist "I'm gonna rearrange your face if you continue to debate/whether Logan's claws could pierce/Steve Roger's shield."

"Jocko Homo," Devo

Why it's on the playlist Are we not men? Are we not geeks?

"Bitches Ain't Shit," Ben Folds

Why it's on the playlist Nothing says Comic-Con attendee like ... #278: Geeky white guys who perform gritty street rap songs. This gets a +10, though, for being a touching ballad.

"My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors," Moxy Fruvous

Why it's on the playlist This one goes out to all the girlfriends of Comic-Con attendees who dutifully put up with their partners' obsessions.You know those girlfriends, the ones who enjoy reading books that don't require pictures.

"It's All in Your Head (C'mon, C'mon)," Kupek

Download it here.

Why it's on the playlist Right now, it's Bryan Lee O'Malley's world. We just live in it. The Scott Pilgrim creator released the final book in the series this week, and a movie adapting the graphic novel, directed by Edgar Wright, is coming out next month. But did you know he also belongs to a band? Well, now you do.

"Ramble On," Led Zeppelin

Why it's on the playlist One of the coolest rock bands of all time performs a song rife with Tolkien references. This, however, does not mean you will be able to fuck someone with a mud shark at Comic-Con.

"Spider-Pig," Hans Zimmer

Why it's on the playlist Who doesn't love Spider-Pig?

"The Lonely Man," Joe Hardell

Why it's on the playlist Bet you didn't know that sad, end credits music from The Incredible Hulk TV show had a name? It does. And it's the perfect accompaniment for your sorrowful trek out the doors of the San Diego Convention on Sunday.

"Too Many Dicks (On the Dancefloor)," Flight of the Conchords

Why it's on the playlist Nothing sums up the entire Comic-Con experience better than this song.


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