The Saga Finally Ends: Former Paramore Guitarist Josh Farro Forms New Band

​Yes, we've gone way overboard writing about Paramore, but it's news, and the soap opera just drags on (we're sorry; we know they aren't good). To refocus his attention, guitarist Josh Farro has already formed a new band with some high-school friends called Novel American. In an interview with MTV, Farro claims he was influenced by artists such as Jimmy Eat World, Radiohead, Explosions In the Sky and Sigur Rós (ummm . . . weird). He said, "We want to be a new breath of air to the music scene." 

Apparently, the band was formed a month ago when singer

Vam Beasley

, drummer

Tyler Ward

and bassist

Ryan Clark

met up with Farro for a jamming session, and they then decided to start a band. The freshly minted group are planning to record an EP and play some local shows in Tennessee. I'm sure the band sounds like shit, but at least he's pursuing his dreams and continuing on his "musical" journey.



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