The Prospector: Truth In Advertising?

The Prospector in Long Beach is a cool place: good shows, good folks, good fun. But it seems that they're not above false advertising. Shame. Terrible, terrible shame.

In a shocking bit of chicanery, they posted a MySpace bulletin late this afternoon, saying only "KARAOKE TONIGHT WITH REID AND WADE!!!" in the subject. And the body itself was only this video:

Why is this a problem? Well, I was at the Prospector last Friday, for the same karaoke night being advertised here. It was my first time there for karaoke and I had only one goal in mind: singing the above song, "Run to the Hills" by Iron Maiden, off of their seminal 1982 The Number of the Beast album. But in all of their books that I looked through, it was, quite tragically, nowhere to be found. I had to settle for "Ballroom Blitz," which as consolation prizes go is pretty stellar.

But still. Either they're luring in patrons with false hopes of getting their Bruce Dickinson on, or (and this is perhaps more likely), I just missed it somehow. Or maybe they just added it this week. Point is, I want to sing "Run to the Hills" there.


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