The only good reason to watch DayBreak OC...

Other than to play the Shally Zomorodi drinking game, of course, which goes like this: every time the giggle-prone host touches her deskmate Ben Aaron, you take a shot. But then again, if you're watching this show at 10 a.m. whilst clutching a bottle of Jaeger, you've got much deeper issues than an addiction to crappy morning TV.....

Anyway, say what you will about DayBreak OC -- and I have, both here and right here, and in numerous blog posts like this one and this one too.

But there actually is one very good reason to watch KDOC's laughably wretched, idiot-laden morning variety show: the fact that they have mostly excellent local bands and musicians coming in each day for a song and some half-witted Shally/Ben banter. Many of which, like George Fryer, we've been writing glowing things about for years, either in this 1998 profile or just letting the man rant about his favorite music himself via this early version of our Aural Reports column.

George and his Combo were featured on DayBreak last month (peep the video below), and this week in particular, it seems as if whoever is in charge of booking the music on the show has been flipping through back issues of the Weekly, which means they've acquired some much-needed taste. We were delighted to see the fabulously gifted Chris Karn doing "Tears" solo-acoustic style on yesterday's broadcast, sans his regular band Deccatree. And this Thursday morning, none other than the amazing, soul-powered keyboard prowess of ex-Helmut Steinster R. Scott will severely goose up DayBreak's watchability, a slice of sound and vision certain to wake the show's 12 loyal viewers out of their Pete Weitzner-induced coma.


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