The Moody Blues: Masters of the music video

The Moody Blues: Masters of the music video

Damn, when was the last time you saw a good story in a music video? I'm not talking about little snippets of symbolism sewn together with gaudy production budgets and bad acting. I'm talking about some shit where at the end of it you felt like you lived through an experience, a story line, a goddamn master piece. To this day, there is only a short list of true masters of the music video story line, sadly most of them are from the 70s and 80s. Luckily The Moody Blues, one of England's finest sort-of-rock-n-roll bands is still around, even if they aren't necessarily making videos anymore.

Using blond, front man guitarist Justin Hayward as the focal point, most Moody Blues videos have a knack for wrapping up his life story, and the history of the band in a cool 5 min. or less. We're talking love stories, fights, wandering dissolution, and montages galore. I mean what other band do you know of that can glaze over several decades in the time it takes to microwave a Chimichanga? That's right, not many. And I mean, the songs are good too, I guess. You hear classic tunes like "Your Wildest Dreams" and "I Know You're Somewhere Out There" TONIGHT when The Moody Blues whips out round after round of soft rock ballads, straight ahead jams and maybe even a little blues at the Pacific Amphitheater stage at the OC Super Fair.

But before you do that, you could probably stand to learn a little bit about the band via music video, even if they won't allow me to embed them. Follow the JUMP. Trust me, it's worth the click. Oh yeah, click here  too.

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