The Long, Slow Death of CDs Continues, But There Are Bargains to Be Had!

The Long, Slow Death of CDs Continues, But There Are Bargains to Be Had!

Compact discs have lasted nearly three decades--first on the market in October 1982!--but their farewell tour is hitting another stop, as Borders is dropping their stock of CDs (and DVDs).

I'm not sure if it's every location, but a lot of them are, including the one at the District in Tustin Legacy. CDs and DVDs are marked down to 50%, so as two forms of physical media die, be there to reap the benefits. (And yes, at 50% off, their way spendy prices get knocked down to "reasonable"!) Today I picked up the latest Ben Kweller, Changing Horses, for $6, and the BBC Sessions from Belle and Sebastian for $7.50 (two recent releases that I had neglected to purchase thus far). Beat that, iTunes! (OK, they kind of did, because they have a deluxe version of BBC Sessions on there with an extra live album, but, hey, whatev). I left the most appealing deal behind, though, the "Definitive Gold Box" of Twin Peaks, marked down to $50. Maybe I'll go back for it later. Maybe someone will read this and get it before I can. Goddammit.

Either way, there's still a lot to pick through, for those of you who don't think discs that spin around really fast aren't like, gross. It's kind of depressing to think about Borders dropping CDs, even if they were always absurdly expensive--they always had a better selection than Barnes & Noble, or Best Buy, or just about any other chain store that wasn't a record store. And there are no chain record stores left any more. Sad times.

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