The Littlest Viking
The Littlest Viking

The Littlest Viking's 'Picadilly Palare' Video Takes Us Through One Crazy-Ass Night With DJ Oldboy

Adhering to the highest standards of journalism, a writer must always be mindful of his biases. That is unless you write for an alt weekly, in which case, ethics be damned. So what if I occasionally use Heard Mentality to shamelessly write about my friends and plug their bands-- cut me some slack--I only write about the supremely talented ones. One such act, hailing from  Ye Friendly Town of Whittier, is prog duo the Littlest Viking.  

Back in 2004, me and TLV guitar-noodler Ruben Cortez played the mean streets of Whittier in an emo band (it's not important which one.) After declaring me dead weight, Cortez ankled my blogger ass and teamed up with Chris Gregory, a drummer whose mathematical virtuosity shall never be spoken of--lest the gods of percussion strike us all dead for blaspheming that which shall never be spoken of. 

They formed the Littlest Viking, who rock a syncopated blend of melody and math that occasionally makes use of vocals, but often goes without. In support of their recently released second album  (available on

Mountain Man Records

,) the band  recorded a video for the song "Picadilly Palare is a Real Boner Drag/Return of the Mack (Redux)" (try saying that 15 times with a mouthful of marbles.) The video, which clocks in over 10 minutes stars local

DJ Chris Oldboy Lynch

, whose wizardry behind the tables is only matched by his exuberance.  

Filmed at the Lab Anti-Mall's Commissary Lounge, the story follows a typical day in the life of Lynch--from drudgery to ecstasy and back--as he readies himself for an evening of platter spinning mayhem. 

Though it may have some folks scratching their heads, the video's images of foxy girls dancing to hip hop songs and party boys downing 40s of King Cobra is something we're all going to be marveling at 50 years from now--long after the Lab is a fortress manned by mutated republicans hell bent on protecting the area's petroleum reserves. 

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