The Like on British TV's 'Popworld'

Ask any fan of retro indie pop band the Like (the LA act featured in the recent Weekly Mental Notes column) and they'll probably have no problem telling you how irresistible they are. Even sleazy radio jocks can't get enough of them. Back in 2006, band members Elizabeth "Z" Berg, Tennessee Thomas and Annie Monroe did an unforgettable interview with suave British comedian Simon Amstell playing one of his cliche rock jock characters on the now-defunct program Popworld. For those who haven't heard of it, Popworld was one of Britan's quirky, celebrity news/gossip shows. First hint that this will be an awesome interview: the fake radio station they're sitting in is called "Thrust FM." 

This interview has it all--sarcastic questions about the band's famous daddies, awkward banter and that wry brand of British humor that you can't get enough of. And by the end, I think we can all agree with Berg when she says, "this was wonderful." It sure was. If you missed the Like last week when they came through Alex's Bar, you might wanna catch their next non-SXSW gig at the Smell in LA on March 27.


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