The Iron Sheik's Insults Will Make You Laugh, Cry and Shit Your Pants
Courtesy of the Iron Sheik

The Iron Sheik's Insults Will Make You Laugh, Cry and Shit Your Pants

Earlier this week we passed along the news that the Iron Sheik would be hosting the very first "Roast Rumble: The Ultimate Insult Fest" at the Comedy Store on July 17th. Since everything about this man excites and humbles us, we just had to hit him up again to get the details regarding this one night only event. Lucky enough, he obliged instead of putting us in a camel clutch. Pheeeew! So before the very first "Rumble Roast" commences, here's what the legend had to say about how he sees it going down in the only way that he can say it. Fantastically!

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): How did the idea of Roast Rumble come about?

Iron Sheik: I sold out all over the New York, Toronto, and the Los Angeles for my roast. Everybody know Iron Sheik and know I am the fucking legend. Now it's my time to do new gimmick with Royal Rumble style because talk is cheap. You want to talk, you have to show me you are the real otherwise, I break your fucking back, put you in camel clutch, and make you humble. This way the people very excited to be part of show.

Will you have a throne to sit on since you are the host and the legend? I mean, I think you should have one... I not Jerry The King. But still I sit and be comfortable with my cold beer. I be happy.

So how many "roasters" will be involved? So far I have twenty and more people call me everyday begging the legend to be on show.

I bet! As of right now, do you know who will be competing? I can't tell everybody but so far I know the real people. I love them. Ron Jeremy, the Buff Bagwell, the Ron Funches, the Zeus or Tiny Lister, the Tony Hinchcliffe, the Sam Tripoli, the Brody Stevens, the Dennis Haskins from Save by Bell, the Will Sasso, and many more intelligent people I announce soon. The jabroni Jose Canseco call me today. He want to come we see what happen.

What a great line-up! Do you think the roasting contestants should have respect for each other while on stage? You roast, you have to be the real. You have to be the best. You have to be ready for fight. This way, you kill anybody who don't have any respect for the people. And if we "only roast the one's we love," how low down and dirty do you think people should get? You say whatever you want. Don't fuck with the family and I be happy. Family only bubba never insult.

Fair enough. Do you think that anyone will be left crying when this roast is over? I make everybody cry when I break their fucking neck and make them eat shit.

Oh my god I love you! If you could predict a winner, who do you think it will be? A comedian or a wrestler? The comedian always sharp, always ready. The wrestler toughest sport. They ready to break the back. Both ways I be excited to see the people show the legend who is the real.

Are you going to give a speech at the end when you crown the winner? One hundred percent. I see all the people, I make them laugh, I make them cry. I make them shit their pants.

Hilarious. Haha best ever! Do you think there will be another "Roast Rumble" to follow in a different city? If this one become sold out than I go everywhere with the show. People all know Iron Sheik, they all know the comedian, they all know the wrestling. Everybody be happy and I be happy.

I can imagine. Just talking to you makes me happy. OK one last question, Jeff Dunham: Raisin dick or Cheetos dick? Sometime raisin, sometime Cheetos, but always the jabroni.

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Don't miss your chance to see "Roast Rumble" at The Comedy Store July 17th, 8433 W Sunset Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90069. (323) 650-6268. For tickets go to Laugh Stub. Also be sure to follow the legend on Twitter at @The_IronSheik. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeeklyMusic and like us on Facebook at Heard Mentality and follow the author on Twitter @AliNotAlli.


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