The Hottest Dancing Girls at Coachella, as GIFs

By: Ben Westhoff and Mary Carreon We've spent a lot of time this Coachella talking about the magnificent bros in attendance, but how about the fair and talented ladies? Per usual, they were everywhere, doing their thing like it wasn't a chicken wing, or something. In any case, here are the hottest dancing girls this year -- in GIF form.

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If you find yourself at the DoLab stage, remember to stay limber and stretch. You could pull a muscle!


Why is this not yet an Olympic event?


That old biting your lip trick isn't going to work on us. Ok, so it might.


The cowboy boots were probably the way to go. Either that or any other type of footwear in existence.


We cannot stress enough the importance of staying hydrated at Coachella.


Check your bottle because it may be missing its genie!


We hear she uses that spray bottle to keep a mischievous tabby kitten in line!


Things move fast at the Sahara tent. Try to keep up!


Cochellans are known for their love of dear old Uncle Sam.


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Well hello again. Good to see you. Let's do this again next year!

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