The Funniest Tony Award Tweets

What in the entire universe of WTF?
What in the entire universe of WTF?
Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Hosted by Broadway darlings Kristin Chenoweth and Alan Cumming, the 69th (lol) annual Tony Awards went down "live" at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Celebrating everything theatre, the stars were dressed to the nines as they settled in to watch awards get dished out in-between musical numbers aplenty.

The question at the beginning of the night was certainly "why the fuck is Kendall Jenner here" but after that buzz died down, all on-line talk was on how fuckable Helen Mirren is (you go girl), Anna Chlumsky and Debra Messing possibly wearing the same dress, E.T. (yes, that E.T.), Bradley Cooper, Chita Rivera being fuckable (really?), and Josh Groban serving up all kinds of emotion. Full disclosure: we didn't really care too much about what was going on in the show as much as we wanted to see some shit talking on Twitter. Can you blame us though? We've never covered the Tony Awards and when trolling for tweets this time we noticed one major difference, people were a lot kinder. Let it be known though that this is Twitter we are talking about and even the sweetest of events can flip in an instant into brazen comedy. And that's what we really wanted to see. We scoured the Twittersphere for gems and as usual, we weren't let down. You guys and gals are truly magical.

The Funniest Tony Award Tweets

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