Marco Antonio Solis--See Friday
Marco Antonio Solis--See Friday

The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Weekend

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Marco Antonia Solis Honda Center Exactly what caliber of musical success does it take to single-handedly headline the Honda Center, a massive venue with nearly 20 thousand seats? It takes someone like Marco Antonio Solis, the Mexican crooner, songwriter and producer, who has enjoyed a gilded stream of mega-stardom since his debut into the Latin music scene back in the '70s with his band, Los Bukis. A solo star since 1995, he's dominated the Latin music charts, received a start on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, won the judge's competition on Mexico's version of The Voice, dated countless beautiful women that resulted in a few marriages and several gorgeous children, and pretty did much everything else that comes with being a world-adored heartthrob rock star. Including releasing a string of albums, like last October's Gracias Por Estar Aquí, which just seem to automatically release at the Number One spot. All in a day's work, right? (Erin DeWitt)

Baths The Observatory The music of Baths comes with many surprises. The LA-based artist Will Wiesenfeld first started piano at the young age of 4, and since has reinvented his sound from his first musical foray under the moniker [Post-Foetus]. Now the 21 year-old has converged early musical influences like Bjork with his previous experimentation with synthesizers to create an ambient sound, mixed with chillwave and indie electronic and every once in a while, soft vocals to tickle your ears. Come to the Constellation Room tonight to take a dip into the soft waters of Baths' trippy sounds. Appearing tonight with Young Fathers and P. Morris. (Aimee Murillo)

Cherry Glazerr The Constellation Room Teen dream trio Cherry Glazerr have basically reached rock n' roll stardom through their bold feminist-leaning lyrics and exciting '90s-esque alt rock sound. Their debut album Haxel Princess captures their youthful punk energy and teenage angst, which is infectious all ages. It's too fun a time listening to this Burger Records group, who are finally taking the spotlight this evening months after the rock-heavy weekend Burgerama. Tonight it's gonna get intimate (and exciting) at Constellation Room with Enjoy and The Buttertones. (Aimee Murillo) Steve Earle and Shawn Colvin City National Grove of Anaheim We don't wanna call country rocker Steve Earle a rabble-rouser because that might diminish the music itself. So let's just say he's got lot of heart and a fire inside to match, and if you'd like to get both at once, check out his recent song about burning down the Wal-Mart. Earle's experimented a lot during his long career, but he's always come from a spare and honest place, and while a term like "disciple" is so rarely appropriate, Earle was as close to a disciple of the great Townes Van Zandt as there ever was. This is musicianship as sharp instrument, in service of writing that's as much reporting as storytelling, and like Iris DeMent, his songs reveal the personal and the political as the exact same thing. He plays tonight with Shawn Colvin, sharing the stage to trade songs and tales all night. (Chris Ziegler)

Paper Planes Alex's Bar Paper Planes are the Long Beach band with their own idiosyncratic version of outlaw country and raw rock 'n' roll, with the rock 'n' roll part going all the way back to the days when the first electric guitar crawled out of that primordial swamp. They've got a new album cooking up now and the newest teaser tracks they posted present Paper Planes sounding especially wild and riled. This time around, there's a little Replacements, a little Only Ones, a lot of the Dolls and Stones on a rocker called "Sister" and then--get ready to dig this big crux--a cover of the Minutemen's "Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing," delivered energetically and faithfully until the guitar solo where they just go wild. Catch them when they roll out for shows like this because they always come up with something special. (Chris Ziegler)

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